February 3, 2014

Christmas trip to Europe

Hello everyone! I can't believe I didn't post for the entire month of January. After we got back from our two-week Christmas trip to Europe I developed a sort of aversion to being in front of the computer! I really did! I didn't blog, I didn't list anything on my Etsy shop, I didn't even post photos on my Facebook page of my trip for a few weeks! I think it was the post holiday blahs. January is really my least favorite month of the year.  Now that February is here, I'm slowly coming out of my hibernation.

Even though it's February, I want to take you back to Christmas and share some photos from our trip to Europe.  We were there from December 14-29 and stayed in seven different towns/cities. Europeans really know how to celebrate Christmas! Everywhere we went, there were markets and decorations and plenty of food!

Our first stop was Bruges, Belgium.  If you've been to Bruges, you'll recognize the building below. It's one of the most photographed corners of Bruges.  I loved how there were large Christmas lights in the trees.

 Swans swam in the canal that ran around the building.

In Brussels they had a light show at Grand Place every night. The buildings were lit up with lights that flashed on and off to music.

We stopped at Orval Abbey on our drive from Brussels to Luxembourg because Orval is one of Mr. H's favorite beers.  It was so fascinating to walk around the ruins of the old abbey.

We were pleasantly surprised by Luxembourg.  We didn't really know what to expect. It is such an underrated city! An area of Luxembourg is built on two levels! It was so neat.

On to Strasbourg, France...their decorations were so fun!  This is a building decorated with huge teddy bears!

They had fun Christmas markets, too.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany was my favorite town for Christmas. Being in the town felt like we were in a giant Christmas globe!

Munich was where we spent actual Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  Because the restaurants closed early on Christmas Eve we decided to get a spread of meats and cheeses for our hotel room for dinner. It was delicious!

Munich's town squares were beautifully decorated.

Prague was our last stop. It was very pretty.

We even got some culture in and went to an opera. We saw Don Giovanni at the Estates Theatre.

Now that I'm back I am looking forward to catching up with all of my blog friends! I also want to let you know that my blog may be turning a slightly different direction. I started this blog because I wanted to share my love of home decor. Thanks to this blog I discovered a new passion, sewing! It all started when I made new seat covers for my outdoor chairs. You can read this post here. After I made those seat covers, I just kept on sewing! Since sewing is what consumes any free time I have, it only makes sense for me to capture that in this blog otherwise I'd have nothing to post about! I do hope you all stay and follow along with my projects, but I can understand if you don't. Not everyone interested in home decor is interested in sewing.  With that said, it feels nice to be back :)


  1. Oh this looks like it was such a romantic and merry Christmas. You took some fantastic photos! And I love the building decorated with teddy bears - oh that is so cute!

    I really like your sewing projects and it is so cool that you are enjoying it so much!! Have a great evening, Khammany!

  2. I've been in Germany a few times at Christmas and it's wonderful! I'm glad your back and I'm looking forward to seeing what your sewing. Follow your dreams!

  3. How wonderful Khammany - looks like you had a fantastic trip. I had been thinking that you hadnt posted & hoped all was well in your world ... so glad to see you back in blogland. I love all your pics - the lights they put up are just amazing. What great memories to treasure. I shall definately be following along with your sewing creations as I am a sewer too & just love what you do. :-)

  4. Welcome back. What a beautiful trip you took! The architecture...the two-leveled town...the abbey...It's all breath-taking! XOXO

  5. Welcome back Khammany, and what beautiful pictures you have shared with us. Christmas in Europe looks like a wonderfully romantic time for you. I love that you have taken up sewing and you are sooooo good at it! Can't wait to see your 2014 projects. XOXOX

  6. Heavenly stay in Europe ! Fabulous photos!

  7. Oh, what an amazing trip you had!! That's one of my dreams, to travel to Europe. I know what you mean about January...it can be a hard month. Welcome back :)

  8. welcome back! When I go home to Italy, I don't blog either, no fb and no Etsy!

  9. Welcome back, Khammany! What an amazing trip! I have never been to Europe during the holidays. Bruges and Brussels are two of my favorites. Cheers, L

  10. It looks like it was a busy but magical trip! I can't believe how many places you've seen!

  11. What an amazing trip this must of been. It looks glorious actually. Funny I love a meat, cheese and cracker tray and a great bottle of wine to go with it - perfect. Your blog should reflect whatever it is you are passionate about in life and it sounds like sewing is something you are very excited about - blog away!!
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  12. Khammany,
    What a wonderful trip you had at Christmas time! You saw so many interesting things, and some of these buildings are so old and beautiful. Jess traveled through Europe a few years ago and it really changed her life. I can see why you didn't want to get on the computer for awhile after - you were probably still remembering your fabulous vacation. I love the teddy bear building, so sweet. I would loved to have seen the light show in Brussels with all the pinks and purples.

    I'm so glad you experienced this trip of a lifetime. Our family wants to go to Rome soon, so we have been talking about that.

    You have many memories now, how special is that?


  13. Wow! What a trip! We don't travel during the Christmas holiday, but I've seen pictures of European cities with their beautiful decorations, and I'm always glad to see that. To hear some tell it, the US is the only country where people are so "obsessed" (in a negative way) with Christmas. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures and for visiting my winter china cabinet! ~Zuni

  14. Welcome back, Khammany!

    Beautiful photos, thank you! I would love to see Prague, (after Paris), and so many story book cities across this beautiful continent. So glad you had a wonderful time and don't worry about who stays and who goes. My blog is slowly taking a turn towards more creative writing and photography; I don't think I have too much else to share re: my home's decor.

    Looking forward to your next project with needle and thread, (even though I can't sew a straight line if you paid me!). ;-)


  15. Welcome back dear!!!! Don't worry, we totally understand, with these gorgeous views and sites you enjoyed, I can see why your not into browsing the good ol' net just yet! Take your time dear, and yes, you should blog about the things you LIKE and not what OTHERS LIKE, so go ahead and follow your heart!

  16. I know what you mean about January… I don't like it much either . Your european trip must have been amazing. So many beautiful places… lovely!
    Have a good weekend…



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