April 19, 2014

Wine crate shelf for fabric storage

As I've been sewing, I've been collecting a lot of fabric.  I've been looking for ways to store them and finally found the perfect solution when I visited Daniela's blog Frugal Ain't Cheap

When I saw this post, I knew it was exactly what I wanted! I have an obsessions with wine crates. I can't seem to get enough of them. I think one reason is because they remind me of France (even if they're not French wines), and another reason is because they're not easy to find so it always feels like an accomplishment when I can get my hands on one!  I also love the idea of re-purposing.
Source: Frugal Ain't Cheap

I went to Home Depot and bought the wood, screws, and stain.  

I cut the pieces myself with a jigsaw!  I usually have Mr. H cut the wood for me but he had to work all day and I didn't want to wait.  For my shelf, I wanted to be able to remove the crates so instead of screwing them to the posts, I created ledges for them to sit on. 

Here's what I used:
1) two 1"x2"x96" piece of wood for the legs, cut each one in half so there are four 48" long pieces
2) one 1"x2"x96" for the wine crate supports, cut to six 13" pieces
3) one 2"x2"x72" piece of wood for the back frame support, cut to three 21" pieces
4) twelve 1" screws for the crate supports
5) six 1 1/4" screws for the back supports
6) wood stain

Here it is assembled with the wine crates in it.

Here's what my fabric storage looked like before

And here it is now! I think it's only a matter of time before Shady makes herself at home in the wine crates, though.


  1. That is amazing Khammany :-) I just LOVE what you have done. I love the whole idea of repurposing & think this is a fantastic idea for storing your fabrics but still kind of having them on display. I especially love the cat keeping the fabric warm for you !!!!!

  2. It's lovely and I'm sure the cat will love it as well very soon ;)
    Happy Easter to you!

  3. Really a good job! Inspiring! And... your kitty is so funny.

  4. What a great idea! I love the way you've repurposed the crates for an excellent way to organize your fabrics.
    Mary Alice

  5. Pretty and practical! Lovely job, Khammany!

    Have a wonderful week!


  6. Hello Khammany! I love your new fabric storage. You did a great job constructing it and using the wine crates adds sophistication to your room. I hope you had a happy Easter!

  7. Can't believe you made this!! It's functional and pretty to look at. XOXO

  8. wow you clever lady !! I love it !
    Gail x

  9. Thank you for giving me hours of enjoyment! Your blogs are interesting, beautiful and exciting.
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