August 13, 2014

Dropping in to say "hello"

I just wanted to drop in and tell all of the friends who I've made in blogland how much I miss all of you.  Life has gotten so busy and as you all know, blogging takes a lot of time and dedication.  Those of you who have been able to maintain a blog year after year amaze me.  The irony of it is that the thing blogging helped me discover that I love is the thing that takes me away from blogging...sewing!  

Since I'm here, I thought it'd be fun to show you my latest project. After one year of sewing I have been able to make my first dress!  It's the Cambie dress by Sewaholic.  

The dress is made from one fabric on the outside and then another fabric for the lining but I thought it'd be fun to use a different fabric for the waistband as well.  Here it is, a turquoise dress with a coral waistband.  The inside lining is a pretty lavender fabric.  I made two changes to the pattern.  1) It should have a sweetheart neckline, but I opted for a straight neckline 2) It should have pockets but I left them off since I thought it would be too bulky with pockets. I just love how it turned out and I'm excited to wear it to work tomorrow with a light peach cardigan.

Until next time, happy blogging and take care!



  1. Welcome back to blogland Khammany, and what a beautiful dress you have made. I know I have said it before, but you really are naturally gifted as a sewist. That would definitely be the very best beginner dress I have ever seen - it is brilliant! You will love wearing it. The sky is the limit for you. xx

  2. HI, so good to see you here, hope you continue to wow us with beauty Khammany.

    Wow, what a fabulous dress - I bet you were the star at your work yesterday! I love the fabric - somewhat vintage and suits the style perfectly. The inset waistband of same pattern in another color way is a great addition, and I love the shoulders which won't require fiddling to keep bra straps out of sight! I used to sew many of my clothes years ago, and my late dear mother sewed for me (she was a Royal dressmaker in London in the 1930's!!). It's always so thrilling when a garment turns out perfectly - in fact a work of art such as your lovely dress is - well done!

    Looking forward to seeing what's next in your wardrobe - have you picked something else to sew?

    Hugs, Mary

  3. Nice to see you and what you've been up to! The dress is fab!!!

  4. Welcome back again. I miss your interesting post. Wow... beautiful dress! You encouraging me to learn sewing, such a nice activity like as gardening

  5. Oh it is lovely to see you posting again Khammany. I just ADORE the dress you have made ... I remember when you first discovered your love of sewing, its been great following your enthusiasm for it & I totally understand the time thing :-) Keeping up with blogging sure does take alot of time & energy.

  6. Hi Khammany,
    Such a delight seeing your new post on my blogroll. Welcome back! Actually, I took a mini break myself and spent the month exploring Maine. You are so talented! That dress looks like a couture piece - many congrats!!

  7. It was so nice to read from you again! The dress is amazing and I love the contrast you created with the waist band.

  8. I saw the lavender and had to stop by. How beautiful they are growing in a field. I've only lavender cut. It's a favorite scent of mine. I also love your chandelier at the top of your blog. I can't sew, myself, but appreciate your dress!



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