July 10, 2013

Tea anyone?

One Saturday afternoon I drove by a little shop in Denver called ReZENed and thought it would be fun to go in and see what they were all about. I was thrilled to discover that they specialized in antiques and gently used furniture and home accessories.

I occasionally enjoy a cup of tea but I wouldn't consider myself a tea drinker but when I saw this set I knew I had to have it. I loved that it was a coppery silver and aged and tarnished.  I imagined an English tea party with scones and biscuits.

I loved how the handles scrolled and curled.

I loved the intricate blossom detailing on top of the lid and how the copper was starting to show through.

The stamp on the bottom of the pieces say "Silver on Copper" and under that there is a crown and the initials B.S.C. which I Googled and found to stand for Birmingham Silver Company.  How cool!

Since I like being able to use things for their intended purposes, I thought that maybe this tea set would give me a good reason to start being a tea drinker but so far I've only used it as a vase for my lavender.

In an article I read about buying antiques, it said if you are drawn to something, if it touches your heart, if you love it and you can afford it then buy it! It doesn't have to have an obvious use right now, it doesn't have to have a monetary value, you just need to love it and enjoy it.

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